Interview with Dr Nik Furse, Chiropractor

Recently we sat down with the newest member of the team here at Ridiculously Well, Dr Nik Furse, chiropractor to get to know him better. [...]

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Arthritis and degeneration in the spine

A client asked me the other day if I was to address a room full of GPs what would I say to them? For me this begs the question; is there something I would love medical practitioners and the public at large to understand about what we as manual therapy professionals do and why we do it that appears to not already be understood? Great question… here’s my answer. Arthritis and degeneration in the spine, clinically known as spondylosis is NOT the real problem causing the pain in most of their client’s spines. Sure it can be a problem, it can be incredibly debilitating, painful and disabling but it is not the real culprit. It’s more of a symptom in fact, a CONSEQUENCE of long term unattended to, dare I say neglected, spinal dysfunction. […]

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