Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Natural Health

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Natural Health

Acupuncture stimulates certain points on the body in order to balance functions of the body and restore health.

How may acupuncture help you?

Stress, anxiety and sleep

Are you stressed? Or are you even aware that you could be?

Impacts of stress may appear as:

  • pain, particularly neck pain
  • hormonal imbalances
  • immunity issues (frequent cold & flu)
  • anxiety
  • poor sleep
  • digestive issues
  • mental fog

Our bodies are under constant stress – in our modern lives the typical day involves numerous forms of stress such as the morning rush, a busy commute, fast paced work life, deadlines, lunch on the run, high intensity exercise, and family pressure. While these events and pressures all come from different places (and leads to a fight or flight response) our body perceives it all as one stress!!

Long-term this constant state can be detrimental to our health.

The practice of Traditional acupuncture is very restful, and we utilise treatment methods which facilitate your body to return to a state of rest again.

Benefits of treatment may include:

  • a reduction in perceived stress
  • mental clarity and improved concentration
  • reduced muscle tension & pain
  • improved sleep quality
  • increased energy
  • improved wellbeing

Traditional acupuncture works very quickly during a treatment session at creating a sense of calm.

Pain and injury rehabilitation

At Ridiculously Well our team is well experienced in the management of pain and injury rehabilitation.

Traditional Acupuncture further complements our current modalities by working directly with your body, facilitating the best opportunity for it to heal. Ways in which acupuncture may assist pain and injury recovery include:

  • reducing inflammation
  • promoting or regulating blood flow
  • relaxation of muscles

Traditional acupuncture may assist:

  • sporting injuries
  • joint stiffness and pain
  • lower back pain and sciatica
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • arthritis pain
  • muscle spasms and cramps
  • scar pain and scar/injury healing
  • chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia

Traditional Acupuncture is approved for Workcover Qld

As a multi-modality practice we can ensure that your condition is effectively managed for the best outcomes. The use of traditional acupuncture may also be utilised as a stand alone treatment, but in many instances will be used combined with other modalities to help keep you pain free and active faster.

At Ridiculously Well our practitioner is a AHPRA registered acupuncturist who practices a refined form of treatment which utilises direct feedback from abdominal and body palpation, pulse and tongue diagnosis to guide individualised treatment of every session. Our one on one sessions ensure your health history is carefully listened to and treatment adapted accordingly, at each session.

Private health rebates apply for acupuncture if your private health insurance policy covers this therapy.

**Dimity ensures all patent herbal medicines she uses comply with Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), ensuring all medicines adhere strictly to the ethical and legal requirements surrounding endangered species.