Recently we sat down with the newest member of the team here at Ridiculously Well, Dr Nik Furse, chiropractor to get to know him better.

Thanks for chatting with us today Nik.

My pleasure.

So how long have you been a chiropractor for Nik?

I completed my Masters in Chiropractic degree in 2004 from Macquarie University in Sydney and have been practicing since 2005.

What was it about being a chiropractor that attracted you to taking up this profession?

I was working as medical laboratory scientific officer in routine diagnostic pathology and had become increasingly jaded by the overarching commercial and monetary drive behind that sort of healthcare. I was pursuing medicine through a graduate entry program and met some osteopathic and chiropractic students along the way. These fields sounded more interesting, practical, transparent and genuine in their capacity to care for people so I chose to become a chiropractor. The road maybe somewhat less travelled.

What do you most enjoy about it?

It’s definitely rewarding to help solve and resolve problems that have remained undiagnosed for an extended period of time. But in general it’s just great to be a part of an approach that guides and facilitates clients towards a healthier future.

Can you describe your approach to client care please?

I think I have a fairly balanced approach as a clinician, recognising that clinical science is not always an exact science and thus there can be different approaches to the same problem. So I always try to find a solution that is client-centred; that is to say, providing care that is respectful of and responsive to, individual patient preferences and needs and ensuring these patient values guide our collective clinical goals and decisions.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Working here at Ridiculously Well of course! And I just enjoy being able to have a direct impact on a person’s quality of life.

How is it that you came to work at Ridiculously Well?

I was fulfilling a locum position in Hobart and saw Colin’s Facebook post on The Australian Chiropractors’ group Facebook page on his intended long service leave to be closer to his wife’s un-well parents and called him straight away. His genuine manner and the caring supportive culture he had created within the clinic here resonated with me immediately.

What’s it like working here at Ridiculously Well?

To be honest it’s supportive, collaborative and enriching to work at a practice with such a diverse range of caring like-minded professionals. And there’s bottomless jar of Nespresso pods!

Do you have any future plans that you’d like to share with us?

I have some professional development study to complete in the near future. I’m a little too busy constantly moving house for anything else at the moment! Perhaps a certificate in nomadic studies would suit me right now.

Finally can you tell us something about yourself please…like what do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working?

I like trail running and scrambling up big hills. In fact I’m just back from climbing Mount Cougal in the far end of Currumbin Valley last weekend. I’ve also always enjoyed cooking and savouring international cuisine.

So on that, have you discovered any good food locally here yet?

Yes indeed, Colin recommended I try the Truffled Royale with Cheese Burger from The Kitchen at The Collective in Palm Beach…he was right…that is a seriously good burger!

Thank you Nik, it’s great to have you a member of the team here. I know the feedback already has been extremely positive from both clients and staff. You clearly have a thorough and professional approach and care deeply about the quality and effectiveness of the care you offer clients. All the best with your future plans.

Thank  you.