Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions Jan. How long have you been a remedial therapist for?

I’ve been a remedial therapist for 24 years and have worked at Ridiculously Well for just over ten years.

What was it about being a remedial therapist that attracted you to taking up this profession?

I was massaging family and friends because I liked and enjoyed massaging them.  They were getting surprising and amazing results from the treatments I was giving them.  They said, “Why don’t you train and become a professional masseuse?”  I was working as a chiropractic technical assistant at the time and the chiropractor I was working with encouraged me to study and qualify as a remedial therapist. So, I attended the Academy of Natural Therapies, in Burleigh Heads, and acquired a Diploma in Remedial Therapies in 1993.

What do you most enjoy about it?

I enjoy seeing my clients gain the benefits and results they get.  How they are before the massage compared to the difference I see and they experience when they leave the room. I also love to see the ongoing improvements in their health and wellbeing when they take care of themselves well and have regular treatments.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

To be honest the highlight of my career has been working here at Ridiculously Well.  Caring for each of our clients as uniquely special people who know what natural therapies has to offer them and their family.  I have also had the pleasure of treating some famous national and international clients during the 24 years I’ve been a Remedial Therapist. Of course, unfortunately, I am not allowed to say who due to patient confidentiality.

How is it that you came to work at Ridiculously Well?

I was looking for a practice to work in and offer my services to. My dear friend, Julie Barfoot, was a receptionist here at the practice and encouraged me to apply for the position.  I was fortunate to be granted an interview with Dr Colin Clarey, the principal here.  He was impressed enough to offer me the position and the rest is now a ten year history.

What’s it like working here at Rid Well?

I enjoy working here at Ridiculously Well because of the diversity of the types of treatment modalities that are available.  I find it stimulating to be around and interact with practitioners who are skilled in their chosen field. The staff and practitioners here all get along well together and have a great deal of respect for each other.  There’s lots of laughter amongst the reception staff as they are fun to work with.  We all enjoy our staff dinners together and there are always quality conversations to be had.  We do have fun and laugh a lot together when we aren’t seeing clients.

Do you have any future plans that you’d like to share with us?

I’d like to continue practicing with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and AromaTouch Technique as the clients get such good results from them. As for future courses and trainings, I’d like to study more Pregnancy and Infancy Massage, Australian Bush Flower Remedies and Aromatherapy.

Tell us something about yourself please, like what do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working here at Rid Well?

I enjoy studying and researching topics that interest me.  I love ongoing education, learning about new things and having experiences that go along with them.  Most of all, I’m a very dedicated grandmother and I love being with my grandchildren. I also enjoy dining out with family and close friends and taking time out, being by myself meditating and contemplating life.

Anything else you like to share?  

I’d like to share that I always aim to be compassionate, empathetic and understanding of my clients, the staff I work with and family and friends.  Being of service and contributing to people’s lives is extremely important to me. My values are to be authentic, ethical, congruent and consistent in all my life dealings. I want to make the lives of others, and the world in general better.  Being of noble service it what drives me as a therapist.

Thank you for sharing all that with us Jan. If you would like to experience Jan’s healing touch first hand then call the clinic on 07 5598 3511 for an personal one on one appointment. Half hour appointments start at just $50 with hour long sessions $85.

Jan Foley