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Chiropractic care is designed to help restore normal balance and function to the body structure, relieve abnormal stresses or compensatory mechanisms within the spine and nervous system, thereby giving the body greater harmony, resistance to disease, improved function and better overall health. As we all know, prevention is better than the cure… so preventing spinal decay is easier than curing it.

Colin Clarey, Sports Chiropractor

Colin has recently relocated to Uralla, NSW and has opened up a practice there, Uralla Chiropractic. He still visits us here on the Gold Coast, however is not accepting any new patients through our Elanora clinic.

Along with his chiropractic degree Colin has a post-graduate degree in sports chiropractic. He’s been in practice for 25 years working with a variety of patients ranging from all levels of health and age. This also includes extensive experience working closely with Olympians, elite triathletes, adventure racers, swimmers, cyclists and runners.

Colin uses a combination of skilled manual therapies, western acupuncture and targeted rehab exercises to help you attain peak fitness, strength and biomechanical efficiency irrespective of your age. He has an affinity for treating complex or unresolved, spinal-related issues. He’s had special training in core strength and spinal stabilisation. For patients, this means Colin provides the treatment that leads to improved mobility as well as the guidance that teaches patients how they can strengthen their spine and bodies core stability and thereby lessen the likelihood of recurring problems.

Colin is also a trained health and wellness coach, an avid adventure racer as well as a trekker, kayaker, father and explorer. He is also an active member and group facilitator of MensWellbeing.org which is a non-profit organisation committed to improving the wellbeing of individual men and in turn strengthening the families and communities those men belong to. All of which exemplifies his holistic approach to a health, balanced, purposeful life, personal growth and individual wellness.

His further interests include meditation, cooking and keeping fit. He is a mind-full ethical chiropractor who understands that each client is unique and requires different care or help.

Nik Furse, Chiropractor

Nik is an accomplished hands-on styled chiropractor with over 15 years experience. He has run his own successful practice prior to joining the team here at Ridiculously Well. He is a very knowledgeable up to date clinician with excellent manual adjusting skills and is also very experienced at western acupuncture, dry needling, core stabilisation skills and spinal rehabilitation.

He has a very client-centred approach, providing care that is respectful of and responsive to your individual client preferences and needs and ensuring these values guide the collective treatment goals and decisions.

Nik also enjoys trekking (in Tasmania especially), travelling, cooking and keeping fit. He lives on the coast with his partner Heidi.

Debbie Miller, Chiropractor

Dr Debbie Miller has been a chiropractor since 2008, and utilises a variety of techniques such as Diversified, Drop-Piece, Sacro-Occipital and Cranial Technique, Dry Needling, Activator and soft tissue.  This variety of approaches allows her to work with people who come in all shapes and sizes, ages and health profiles.

She particularly enjoys the fields of:

  • Women’s health by focussing on enhancing lower body strength and stability in support of comfortable pregnancies and the challenges of menopause
  • Headache management and treatment solutions for tension and migraine headache using cranial release treatments in addition to standard chiropractic approaches
  • Posture and deportment treatments and coaching prescriptive to the challenges of combating the “tech” world of smart phones and laptops, an issue for all of us but more particular for teenagers
  • The ageing process and the maintenance of a quality of life in movement, physical independence and activities of the day to day or otherwise

Debbie is always guided in the belief that Structure Governs Function.  If our body is structurally sound and strong, it follows then that we have every best chance of leading pain free, healthy, happy lives.


Musculoskeletal physiotherapy addresses dysfunction in the muscles, bones, joints, nerves and soft tissue. Physiotherapy is an effective form of treatment for a wide range of conditions. Common conditions treated include back pain, sprains, strains, arthritis, rotator cuff injuries, bursitis, whiplash injuries, workplace and sports injuries, problems with posture, incontinence and reduced mobility. Our physiotherapists are experienced in rehabilitation following a wide variety of surgeries including rotator cuff repair, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and spinal surgery.

Katrina Purdon, Physiotherapist

Katrina graduated from the University of Queensland in 1999. She brings a wealth of clinical experience having worked in a variety of settings, including hospitals and private practice, and in a variety of locations, including Sydney and the UK. Katrina also has extensive experience as a Clinical Pilates instructor and has a special interest in using exercise for rehabilitation. She is also a skilled manual therapist and enjoys assisting those rehabilitating following orthopaedic and spinal surgery. When not at work Katrina can be found exploring the outdoors- either locally or in some far- flung corner of the globe.

Katrina also runs one of our group physiotherapy core classes every Monday from 6.15pm-7.15pm and Wednesday from 12.15pm – 1.15pm. All classes are $25 with private health rebates available. Bookings are required.

Natali Zantvoot, Physiotherapist

Natali graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne in 1994. After working in the hospital system for a year in Melbourne she set off on overseas adventures. This lead to a decade in the UK where she worked both in the National Health Service and private practice. Natali returned to Australia in 2007 and has been working in private practice on the Gold Coast since.

Natali has over 20 years of private practice experience and her special interests include treating low back pain, clinical Pilates and Womens Health. She has completed all levels of DMA clinical Pilates training and many advanced level pelvic floor courses with Womens Health Training Associates.

Outside the clinic Natali enjoys playing tennis and spending time at the beach.

Mike Fielding, Physiotherapist

My name is Mike Fielding and I’m originally from the UK and I have 24 years’ experience working as a Physiotherapist in both the hospital and private practice settings in UK and Australia. I also have over 20 years’ experience teaching a modified clinical version of Pilates to my clients. Since 2002 I have also worked as a Post graduate International movement re-educator teaching other health professionals in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Brazil and Australia how to identify and correct non optimal movement patterns.  I was a competitive swimmer in my teens winning National Age group medals and was a Natural bodybuilding competitor in my mid 30’s winning a Sydney title.

In Sept 2018 I suffered a freak spinal cord injury from a scuba diving incident that left me paralysed from the ribcage down unable to walk or even sit up. The tools I had as a very fit and knowledgeable former elite Athlete greatly helped my recovery but the single biggest factor in my now almost complete recovery was due to my embracing and integrating Mindfulness and Meditation and the Ancient practice of Calligraphy which is a mixture of Qi gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Daoist philosophy. This helped calm and rebalance my traumatised nervous system and restored balance to my mental and physical health, this opened my eyes fully to a holistic approach to health and I want to share the gifts I’ve experienced and wisdom I’ve gained with my clients as I’ve felt the profound benefits first hand.

I’m now a passionate professional holistic therapist with an effective mixture of Western hands on and acupuncture techniques, blended with alternative Eastern approaches to health.  I am dedicated to helping my patients move through a wide range of physical, emotional and mental health transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible. My treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of each patient.

I’m excited to be part of the Ridiculously Well team, who share my vision of holistic health.


Osteopaths understand the close relationship between the structures (and position) of the body’s parts and its function (or lack of). Osteopaths consider the body as a whole and use this in their diagnosis and treatment of a problem.

Erin Barnes, Osteopath

Erin holds a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine and a Bachelor of Clinical Science from Southern Cross University. She has undergone post-graduate training in interests such as visceral osteopathy, dysfunctional breathing and how emotions such as stress and anxiety can affect the body. Erin uses a broad spectrum of osteopathic techniques varying from craniosacral to physical manipulation, and believes that having an understanding in all osteopathic techniques allows her to be able to provide the best specialized treatment for each individual. Working with the idea that ‘patient education is key’, Erin uses her knowledge help people take control of their pain and enables them to manage their recovery through exercise prescription and empowering, positive choices.

Clara Guy, Osteopath

Clara holds a Bachelor of Clinical Science and has completed her Masters of Osteopathic Medicine with Southern Cross University. Clara utilises a broad range of Osteopathic techniques such as joint manipulation and articulation, deep-tissue massage, stretching and cranial therapy. Clara assesses and tailors each treatment to the individual. Having experienced first-hand chronic pain and injury, Clara is passionate about patient education and exercise prescription as a means of improving patients’ conditions long-term and empowering patients on their health journey.

Before following in her father’s profession by studying Osteopathy, Clara at different times worked as a freelance communicator, as a remedial massage therapist and as a case-manager with refugees and the homeless. Clara has completed training in pilates and yoga instruction and travelled extensively. Outside of the clinic, Clara enjoys a daily yoga/pilates routine, taking her English staffy to the beach, reading fiction, viewing art and film, bushwalking, rock-climbing and spending time with friends and family.


Dr Dimity Davis

Dimity Davis is a registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner, who utilises a blend of both scientific based research and traditional methods to inform her treatment, practicing a refined form of acupuncture which utilises direct feedback from abdominal and body palpation, pulse and tongue diagnosis to guide individualised treatment of every session (Kiiko Style). Treatment primarily involves gentle needling, the use of moxibustion (Artemesia Vulgaris), and may also include other techniques such as cupping, dietary therapy, or the use of Chinese or Western herbs.

Dimity’s foremost clinical interest is in the physiological effect of stress on our body and it’s associated impact on pain, mental health, immunity, digestive health, reproductive health and fatigue. Dimity’s other clinical interests include chronic and post-viral fatigue, anxiety and depression, menstrual health, pregnancy and post pregnancy support, wound healing, and post-surgery recovery and oncology treatment support. Dimity also practices Shonishin, a form of very gentle and needle free treatment which is suitable to babies and children.


Dr Desha Welsh

Note: Dr Desha Welsh is currently on extended leave until Early October.

Dr Desha Welsh graduated with Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Immunology with honours, Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics and PhD in Human Physiology. She combines knowledge of physiology, immunology and nutrition with deep belief that these three disciplines strongly interact with each other. Therefore, when addressing any nutritionally related health concern, Dr Welsh looks at immunological, nutritional and hormonal/ emotionally triggered reasons for our health condition and how to prevent further harm.”

Although born in Croatia, Desha has been fortunate to live in a number of different countries, which has provided her with the unique opportunity of being able to observe and learn from differing cultures, traditions, cuisine and eating habits.

Now an Australian citizen, happily settled on the Gold Coast with her three beautiful, healthy children, Dr Desha loves her new country, its people, and its rich variety of cultures, cuisine and traditions. Click here to read more of what Dr Desha can do for you.


When we have over stressed, over worked, over trained or just pushed our bodies too far, tiredness, fatigue, aches and pains become common place in our body which can result in extremely painful muscle spasms depleting our body of vitality and energy. Having a massage helps restore your vitality and wellbeing giving you a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.

An-An Chou (Jo Jo), Remedial Massage Therapist

Jo-Jo has been working in the Australian Massage industry for 9years and uses a fusion of both Eastern and Western techniques in her massages in order to deliver the most effective massage for your needs. She uses her experience to tailor your massage to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, increase range of motion and assist healing.

Yumiko Usui, Remedial Massage Therapist

Yumiko has 5 years hands on experience in a variety of massage techniques including Remedial, Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology and facial and head massage.  Whatever your need, Yumiko can tailor your massage to suit your needs. Yumiko has a passion for helping patients and believes that remedial massage can heal both physically and emotionally.

Damien Dinsey, Remedial Massage Therapist

Damien is an experienced massage therapist interested in treating people from all walks of life. Damien uses a patient-centered approach to his treatments using a range of techniques involving Remedial / Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Sports, Cupping and Dry Needling. Damien aims for his treatments to get people moving better and improving quality of life by helping his clients get out of pain.


Erin Cameron, Clinic Manager

Erin joined Ridiculously Well because we appreciate that fact that making every business run effectively requires tireless administration and management. And Erin provides exactly that.

She brings years of front-line business experience to our practice. She’s also adept at keeping our own internal communications open and clear. This combination lends itself to making a positive and indelible first impression on patients.

Honorable mentions need to go to her able assistants who also run the front-line. They are Kellie Vest, Jodi Hugill and Jenny Perso and our financial administrator, Dimity Davis.