Come and immerse yourself in sound. Experience the relaxing sounds and vibrations of Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Drum, Healing Pipes/Chimes and the Monolina. Allow your mind to drift as you become thoughtless. Shifting for an active mind to one that disconnects you from your thoughts. By using different instrument, different frequencies, to alter your brainwave state. A state of drifting from consciousness and deep relaxation, to almost sleep like or a twilight zone.

I encourage you to set an intention for what you would like to receive; and an intention is always set for the group. you will initially be guided to relax the body and the mind while you focus on your breath. A scene will then be set to help you drop into a self-guided journey.

A time for you to nurture your soul with some soothing sounds – and giving yourself permission to let go.

Sound and Sound Therapy

Sound therapy and sound vibration is powerful. With the breath work prior it prepares the body, and mind, to receive the sounds. Sound has the ability to influence a recipients biochemistry. Altering the autonomic nervous system and endocrine systems, creating a cascade effect- altering mood, reducing stress and enhancing cognitive capabilities. This can occur even after only a few minutes.

The healing code of various frequencies can help release the physical manifestations of pain, illness and/or discomfort that are held as cellular memory from recent or past events or
trauma. In a sound bath the sound can help clear the imbalances in the auric (biofield) / subtle body and open up energetic pathways. Find balance in their mind and body, restore prana/energy, and find their natural equilibrium.

When instruments are physically placed on the body they cause entrainment where the vibration brings the body back into balance. It can help heal the morphogenetic field (cell groups, structures or organs). In a sound bath the sound can help clear the imbalances in the auric (biofield) / subtle body and open up energetic pathways. Allow access and heal the multidimensional psychoenergetic systems; higher auric frequencies and dimensions that connect us as one to the universe.

What to bring:

Whatever makes you comfortable
– Air mattress/ soft mat to lie on.
FYI – Kmart has a fold out exercise mat and a thick foam rubber mat. They also have air mattress for ~$15 or less. However you won’t feel the vibration through the floor with an air mattress. Camping mats are also good. Ypoga mats are probably a bit too thin to lay on for 1 hour.
– A blanket to keep warm – you will get cold laying still.
– Pillow(s), for head and under knees to take pressure off your back
– Eye mask / Scarf or cloth (heightens the experience)
– Socks for those that feel the cold