Sports Chiropractor Gold Coast

Gold Coast Sports Chiropractor

Dr Colin Clarey, Sports Chiropractor has a post-graduate degree in sports chiropractic and along with over twenty years of private practice experience he has worked closely with elite, professional and age-group triathletes, adventure racers and runners for the past seven years. An avid adventure racer and triathlete himself Dr Clarey utilises a combination of skilled manual therapies, western acupuncture and targeted rehab exercises to help you attain peak fitness, strength and biomechanical efficiency and thereby train, race and perform at your best.

Dr Clarey is available for half hour initial consultations and treatment for $80 (Concession $72). Follow up consultations are $60. (Concession $55) Private health fund rebates are available. Dr Clarey also offers full hour long musculo-skeletal sports screening assessments (Currently $150). These in depth assessments include a written report of pertinent findings, recommendations and a tailored rehab and strengthening plan to optimise your performance and prevent injury. They are ideal for working out what your most pertinent musculo-skeletal weaknesses or dysfunctions are and then by resolving and improving these your performance is enhanced and the chances of injury are dramatically reduced. They are also beneficial for chronic or recurrent complaints which remain unresolved and require a more in depth and thorough investigation. Appointments can be made by with Dr Clarey by phoning 07 5598 3511.

A musculo-skeletal spinal screening involves a detailed and thorough assessment of the following physical abilities:

  • muscle strength, endurance or weakness
  • any musclar dysfunction, imbalance or over patterning
  • joint range of motion and flexibility
  • joint proprioception (joint protection mechanisms)
  • core stability, spinal stabilisation and lower limb biomechanical integrity
  • cardiovascular ability and endurance

Attending to any deficiencies in these areas not only allows for optimal athletic performance to be attained but also ensures that training is done in a way that is technically proficient allowing for a quality of training and race performance.

Appointments can be made by phoning our clinic on 07 5598 3511.